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A Complete Range of Expert Finishing Services

If your project involves interior or exterior finishing, you've come to the right people. From routine applications to stunning decorative effects, Newport's versatility and skill are unmatched. Our seasoned craftspeople have the experience, creativity and technical know-how to waterproof, fireproof, colorize, texturize, and embellish a space to your ultimate satisfaction. To learn more about our services, click on the links below.
Decorative Finishes
Because we understand that every building, every surface and every client is unique, our painting teams work collaboratively with designers to develop original imagery and customized decorative effects that will suit your space ideally.

Glazing: rag roll, sponging, strié, stipple, spatter, mottling, dragging, combing

Faux: stone block, granite, slate, Caen stone, limestone, sandstone, marble, wood, leather, and other natural textures

Metallic: chemical patinas, faux patinas with bronze and mica powders, verdigris

Textures: sand, plaster, glass beads, graphite, gels, glitter, marble dust

Wood: restoration, replication, inlays, French polish, varnishing, bleaching, pickling, tinting, staining, faux bois, naïve/folk graining

Gilding: aluminum, Dutch metal, copper, silver, all shades of gold sheeting (from 12 karat alloy to pure 24 karat) patinated, glazed, stenciled, abraded, applied in grids or random patterns

Plaster: Venetian, marmorino, scraffito, fresco, and other specialty plasters; restoration work including surface preparation, repairs and replication of damaged or missing ornament

Trompe l'oeil: paneling, moldings, inlay, rustication, embossing

Stencils: friezes, borders, and overall patterns; polychrome and gilded stencils on floors, walls and ceilings as well as on canvas, furniture, fabrics and paper
Commercial and Residential Painting
High-rise buildings

Core and shell

Offices and residential towers
Wall Coverings
Commercial wall covering for both hotels and offices


Flex wood

Rigi walls

Fabric or silk


Spray Application
Advanced spray applications offer many advantages. Since spraying promotes more uniform coverage and excellent adhesion, it saves material costs and labor because less paint is required to cover a surface. Paints and coatings applied by spray are suitable for a variety of surfaces and result in a better quality finish. Our high-performance finishes are durable, crack resistant and have aesthetic benefits like contour enhancement and camouflaging effects.

Spray Applications:

Electrostatic spray

Scuff Master

Metallic paint



Intumescent Fireproofing

Safety is not something we take lightly. Even rigorously tested, high-performance materials can fail if they are not applied or installed correctly. That is why Newport fireproofing specialists are manufacturer certified to install all A/D Intumescent Fire Film Paint products, Carboline Coatings and LBI products. Our training has equipped us with the skills and knowledge to help our clients choose the right materials, determine the most economical approach to their project and ensure that all necessary safety requirements are fulfilled.
Special Coatings
Any building that is subject to corrosive weather conditions and human wear and tear requires regular maintenance and appropriate safeguarding measures. Our waterproofing technology and unique barrier systems provide superior weatherability and advanced protection.

Special Coatings:

Epoxy finishes

Waterproof coatings
Plaster Work
New Work and Reconstruction

Custom design and fabrication

Installation of cast ornament

Tinted Venetian plaster

Three-coat Plastering

Vaults, arches, domes, and other features

Repairs and surface preparation

Replication of damaged or missing ornament
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